Strain and Vibration DAQ

ATE for Vibration and Strain

Kingsly offers data logging and monitoring solutions from variety of sensors for use applications/systems as Thermo Vaccum Chamber, Aircraft Fan Blade Test Rig, Strain and vibration recording for core engine Rotor and stator. Telemetry solution for Multi-channel strain and temperature measurement of critical areas of Aircraft engine and rail wheel / axles.
PXI based Recorder

Portable recorder and analyzer, 6 slots (24 analog channels) sampling rates up to 216 kHz / channel with a resolution of 24 bits, it can accommodate Strain, Voltage input, ICP, IEPE based module for data acquisition. With built in Touch Display and post analysis software for analysis and report generation. Order tracking and analysis, Campbell diagram in real time (during recording) and post-analysis software available. With multiple installation in India and World product has proven track record and proved it worth in Aerospace industry.
Airworthy Data Recorder

Light weight and 106KSPS sampling rate on each channel give our recorders the edge over others for recording critical transient data during test with sensors such as Strain and acclerometer. It can be battery powered and controlled through Ethernet interface. choice of mix and match modules gives flexibility of interfacing variety of sensors connected to recorder for variety of test requirement.