Strain and Vibration DAQ

ATE for Vibration and Strain

Kingsly offers data logging and monitoring solutions from a variety of sensors for use applications/systems as Thermo Vacuum Chamber, Aircraft Fan Blade Test Rig, Strain, and vibration recording for core engine Rotor and stator. Telemetry solution for Multi-channel strain and temperature measurement of critical areas of Aircraft engine and rail wheel/axles.

Aero Engine: 3D Aero Engine
PXI based Recorder


Portable recorder and analyzer, 6 slots (24 analog channels) sampling rates up to 216 kHz / channel with a resolution of 24 bits, it can accommodate Strain, Voltage input, ICP, IEPE based module for data acquisition. With built-in Touch Display and post-analysis software for analysis and report generation. Order tracking and analysis, Campbell diagram in real-time (during recording), and post-analysis software available. With multiple installations in India and World product has proven track record and proved it worth in the Aerospace industry.

PXI Portable Data Recorder


16 slots PXI Chassis (64/128 analog channels) with sampling rates up to 216 kHz / channel with a resolution of 24 bits

  • The crate controller provides control of measuring modules, data logging, and communication with a remote data collection station/Workstation via a fiber optic line.
  • Registration and analysis of parameters of dynamic processes in real-time.
  • Inter-channel desynchronization is less than 200 ns.
  • The ability to synchronize channels of several devices.
  • Possible binding to the absolute time of the GLONASS / GPS.
  • Possibility of combining in one compact device measuring channels of strain gauges, IEPE sensors, charge, and voltage.
  • Possibility of simultaneous data recording on 64 (128) channels with a sampling rate of up to 216 kHz / channel.
  • Completion and programming of measuring modules for a specific user task.
  • Specialized software for recording and express processing.
Airworthy Data Recorder

Lightweight and 106KSPS sampling rate on each channel gives our recorders the edge over others for recording critical transient data during the test with sensors such as Strain and accelerometer. It can be battery powered and controlled through an Ethernet interface. choice of mix and match modules gives the flexibility of interfacing a variety of sensors connected to the recorder for a variety of test requirements.

Airworthy Data Recorder
Rotating Telemetry MIC1500

The MIC-1500 digital multichannel telemetry system is designed to measure temperature using thermocouples and measure dynamic deformations using Strain gages mounted on rotating parts of the product. The system can be used for testing installations of compressors, gas generators of engines, low-pressure rotors of a full-size aero engine.

  • Up to 64 strain gages
  • Up to 80 temperature channels
  • Contactless power transmission
  • Rotation speed up to 18,000 rpm
  • Centrifugal acceleration up to 40,000g
  • Operating temperature range -45 to +125 Deg C
  • Vibration up to 150 g in the frequency range 0 to 400 Hz
  • Overpressure up to 4 kgf/cm 2
Multichannel Strain Gage Station for Static Strain Gaging MIC-185

MIC-185 is designed to measure temperature with thermocouples and thermisters, Tension and compression with strain gage sensors.

The MIC-185 provides measurement via 64 strain gage channels, Excitation to sensors, temperature compensation for strain sensor, analog-to-digital conversion, and transmission over Ethernet to the external control computer for storage and subsequent processing.

Static Strain Recorder
MIC-170 Multichannel Pressure Scanner | MIC170H -Airworthy

Multichannel scanner for measuring absolute and differential pressures of dry non-aggressive gases.

MIC-170 pressure scanner is a multichannel automated pressure measuring system for test benches, as well as on-board measurement systems. The device can be located near the measurement object and used in a wide range of climatic conditions, including in the presence of precipitation, high vibration, and noisy environment.

The MIC-170 scanner is equipped with the functions of self-testing, self-calibration, and automated removal of condensate from the channels.

Each pressure sensor is structurally combined with an individual storage device and a temperature sensor in a modular element, allowing its quick replacement without additional settings. To correct the zero value of the sensors, range, linearity, and thermal errors, the data stored in the built-in storage device (flash drive) is used. The flash drive stores, not only calibration data, but also sensor identification information such as the sensor’s serial number, pressure range, factory calibration data, and the latest calibration parameters set by the user. Upon request from the control computer, zero and range balancing can be carried out, which virtually eliminates the possibility of errors caused by the sensor zero offsets.

Pressure Scanner
Airworthy Pressure Scanner
MIC-140 Multichannel Temperature Datalogger (Scanner) | MIC-140H -Airworthy

MIC 140 can measure up to 96 Channels of temperatures using thermocouples with automatic cold junction temperature compensation.

The MIC-140 can be used to build measuring systems operating under the adverse effects of temperature, humidity, vibration, and external pollution.

Due to its design features, the MIC-140 can be installed near the measurement site, for example, on a gas turbine engine adapter. This can significantly reduce the length of expensive thermocouple wires, which in turn reduces the likelihood of signal distortion and increases the reliability of the results.

The temperature of the cold junction is measured by the thermal resistances installed in the MIC-140 body and is compensated when processing the measurement results. The temperature stability of the cold junction is ensured by a constructive solution for thermal insulation and thermal stabilization of the device.

MIC-140 are suitable data logging systems for test benches, as well as on-board measurement systems. MIC 140H is the airworthy version of MIC140.

Temperature Scanner
Airworthy Temperature Scanner