ATE for High Energy Application

ATE for High Energy Application

We have high-end measurement technology, control systems, and related services for HV and LV applications. These test and analysis solutions are used worldwide in a large variety of research and industrial projects – in the energy sector as well as in aerospace, automotive, and defense. Circuit Breaker Testing includes:

  • Automated data analysis and report generation (Short Circuit Testing)
  • TRV test and analysis (Transient Recovery Voltage)
  • TOV test and analysis (Transient Overvoltage)
  • Switchgear / Fuse testing
  • Lightning Impulse Testing (LPT) / Switching Pulse Testing (SPT) / Impulse Current
  • Testing (ICT) with automated data analysis and reports incl. k-factor
  • High Voltage Direct Current testing (HVDC)
  • IGBT / MOSFET testing
  • Pulsed Power testing
  • Power harmonic analysis
  • Powerline faults and transients
  • Low voltage tests
  • Calibration
Transient Recorder upto 2GSPS per channel

The SATURN Transient Recorder family of AMOtronics offers measurement technology at the highest level. The scalable and flexible data acquisition system is suitable for a wide range of applications. SATURN Transient Recorders allow highly precise synchronous measurements with ADC resolutions up to 20Bit and sampling rates between 200kHz and 2GHz. They are designed for fast recording of transient signals with high speed processing of large amounts of measured data.

The SATURN Sequence Timer serves test labs as a high-precision digital control unit, also called “Trigger Generator”, “Cycle Timer”, “Sequential Timer” or simply “Sequencer”. It provides flexible and safe control of the test facility and/or unit under test by precisely timed operation of switches, contactors, relays, IGBTs, MOSFETs, high-speed cameras and other devices – either electrically or optically via fiber-optic.

The SATURN Sequence Timer is available in different versions offering up to 192 digital inputs/outputs. These inputs and outputs can be provided in groups of 8 channels in multiple formats (eg. BNC or fiber optic connectors). The fiber-optic solution provides perfect optical isolation against high voltage potentials. This makes it the ideal HV Sequencer / Cycle Timer in high voltage & high power test labs for controlling the test facility as well as the units under test (UUTs). In addition the optical transmission also allows transmission of measured data over long distance, be it in a test lab or in the field.
Optical Fiber based DAQ and Sequencer-SATURN Satellite

The SATURN Transient Recorders can be equipped with fiber-optic modules. These modules are connected to external SATURN Measuring Satellites by a digital fiber-optic cable. The Satellites are remotely controlled from the SATURN base unit. The pure optical communication and data transfer ensures optimal galvanic isolation between the remote test probe and the SATURN base unit. These fiber-optic transmission lines allow both, floating measurements as well as bridging large distances between test object and data recording system.
Software for Transient application

The modern software architecture of SATURN Studio II offers a complete operating environment for the SATURN system. It enables easy handling of SATURN systems of any size via drag-and-drop. The administration of data sets of several hundreds of GByte is fast an efficient. The powerful and well documented software interface (API) allows complete remote control of the SATURN transient recorder via Gigabit LAN. Due to the improved network integration, AMOtronics engineers on request can access all worldwide installed systems at high speed for competent online support.