Fourtec-Data logger

Fourtec-Data logger

Kingsly is an Indian partner of Fourtec-Israel who is well known leading developers of data logging systems, with over three decades of experience in providing monitoring solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications, including cold chain, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, warehousing, transportation and many more.

With a customer base spread across the globe, Fourtec delivers end-to-end solutions capable of measuring and analyzing industry-standard parameters such as temperature, humidity, voltage, and current.

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Microlite 5032L Series
  • Accurate measurement of temperature, humidity, current and voltage
  • Compact size for applications requiring mobile logging, such as transportation
  • Direct USB interface to PC. No cables required
  • Unique Boomerang feature that automatically creates and emails PDF data report when the logger is connected to PC
  • Up to 32K cyclic memory
  • LCD for real-time data and battery display
  • LED for alarm and sampling indication
  • Magnet key for standalone logger activation
  • Easily replaceable battery with up to 1.5-year life, in normal operating conditions
  • Cradle for wall mounting
  • Dust and water-resistant (depending on the logger model)
  • Free DataSuite software for data analysis and device setup

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Microlog EC800A/EC850A
  • Internal temperature and humidity sensors with high accuracy and resolution
  • Unique patent-pending Boomerang feature that automatically creates and emails
  • PDF data report when the logger is connected to PC
  • Mini-USB port for PC communication and firmware updates
  • 4-digit data display including minimum/maximum readings, battery and alarm indication
  • External input for NTC Temperature sensor -50 to 150 °C
  • Multi-function keypad for the manual timestamp, Run/Stop activation
  • Built-in LED for logging and alarm indication
  • View up to 30 days Min/Max data history on the LCD screen
  • Stand-alone monitoring with up to 52K sample memory
  • Low power consumption, with up to 2-year battery life, ideal for long-haul monitoring
  • Water and dust resistant enclosure
  • Free DataSuite software for data monitoring, analysis, and logger calibration

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DT132N – Ext. Temperature Probe, 2.5 m cable, for MicroLog & MicroLogPRO II

The NTC temperature probe connects to the external input of the MicroLog and MicroLogPRO II data loggers to provide an extended temperature range when compared to the logger’s internal temperature sensor. The probe has a rapid temperature response time, 2.5 m cable length and with its stainless steel needle tip, is suitable for multiple applications including food, liquids, and ambient monitoring.

When connected to the data logger, the probe readings can also be calibrated using the supported product software.


Temperature sensor type: NTC 10kΩ
Temperature range: With EC800 & EC850: -50 to 110 °C
Temperature accuracy: With EC800 & EC850: ±0.3 ˚C
Cable length: 2.5 m
Cable temp. range: 105 °C
Probe length / diameter: 100 mm / 3.2 mm
Probe type: Stainless steel needle tip
  • Low cost, single-trip logger for an unbroken cold chain
  • Internal, high accuracy temperature sensor
  • Unique weboomerang™ feature that automatically creates and emails PDF data
  • report when the logger is connected to PC
  • Direct USB interface for PC communication
  • 16,000 sample memory accommodating long-distance transports
  • The software enabled the activation button to start logging and mark time stamps
  • Built-in bi-color LED for logging and immediate alarm indication
  • Supported by the complimentary DataSuite software for data analysis and alarm notification
  • Water and dust resistant IP68
  • Delayed push-button activation

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DataNet Wireless data Loggers
  • A real-time monitoring system, with ZigBee wireless technology
  • Operates on license-free 2.4 GHz RF frequency
  • Wireless infrastructure suitable for multiple industrial applications
  • Robust network with auto-rerouting, data recovery, and long-range transmission
  • RF loggers measuring temperature, voltage, current, pulse, frequency, and dry contact
  • System alarms notifications via SMS, email and external siren
  • Low-power consumption for long logger battery life
  • Supported by feature-rich DataSuite software for network configuration and data analysis

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DataSuite Software for Fourtec Dataloggers

DataSuite is a Windows-based software offering device configuration, data monitoring, and analysis functionality for Fourtec data loggers.

The DataSuite platform’s core functionality is shared across all systems and includes features such as device setup, multiple data views, input calibration, alarm level definition, Email/SMS notifications, data report management, device firmware updates, online software updates and more.

Easily installed from CD or via download from the Fourtec website, DataSuite also supports automatic online updates whenever a new software version is released.

When integrated with the DatPass CFR Admin software, DataSuite helps users meet 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy by maintaining an audit trail of all user activity in addition to management of user login and privileges and electronic signatures.

Key Datasuite benefits:

  • Multiple data view e.g. graph, table, statistics
  • Online and historical data views
  • Boomerang feature for automatic generation and emailing of PDF data reports when the logger is connected to PC
  • Multiple alarm levels triggering email and SMS notifications
  • Reporting module for creating and generating reports with selected email distribution
  • Analysis features including dew point analysis, export to Excel and CSV formats, histogram, MKT
  • FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy
DatPass CFR Admin Software for Fourtec Datalogger

DatPass is Fourtec’s administration management software, integrating with the DataSuite applications to help achieve FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for a range of Fourtec data logging systems.

The DatPass database, installed on a local PC or network, maintains an audit trail that automatically records all user activity within DatPass and DataSuite software, including date and time stamp, login details, input alarms details, and so on. The DatPass administrator can view the audit trail on screen or print any part of it to keep hard copy records.

DatPass is also used to manage all user access to the supported systems, including user login parameters, group and user privileges for relevant software functionality, digital signatures the users are permitted to sign data within electronic records, and other key CFR requirements.

The DatPass software package is also supplied with the extensive operation and validation manuals to help users meet strict industry regulations.