Kingsly in partnership with Novator Solutions AB brings cutting-edge COMINT solutions to the Indian market.

  • Wideband IR Recorder
  • Intelligent RF Spectrum Recorder
  • Multichannel receivers
  • Custom solutions
Wideband IF Recorder from Novator Solutions AB

MUNIN 1005-IF is the latest wideband IF recording platform which ensures gapless recording of narrowband and wideband IF signals from 2MHz to 600MHz real-time bandwidth.
The configurable platform is ideal for capturing one or more IF channels in real-time for DUT characterization, spectrum analysis, or setting up repeatable lab tests. A real-time spectrum monitoring option combined with a large configurable pre-trigger buffer ensures detections and recording of unknown signals. The server-client architecture combined with an intuitive API enables out-of-the-box remote control and integration into any third-party application.

  • Gapless recording
  • Instantaneous bandwidth up to 600MHz
  • Real-time spectrum monitor
  • Large pre-trigger buffer
  • Out of the box remote control
IF Recorder
Intelligent RF Spectrum Recorder from Novator Solutions AB

ODEN 3001 is a new intelligent RF spectrum recorder offering 14GHz and 26.5GHz frequency range options and 200MHz or 765MHz real-time bandwidth. The RF recorder automatically captures individual interfering signals or rare & unknown events of interest for later analysis and spectrum characterization. ODEN 3001 combines a frequency mask trigger (FMT), 128/1024 individual digital downconverters (DDC) with acquisition regions & rules to record individual channels into separate files. The operator configures sub frequency bands within the real-time bandwidth of interest and controls how much data in the time & frequency domain are recorded when trigger conditions are met. The large ring buffer ensures that both wideband and narrowband signals are recorded from the beginning when they appear in the spectrum.

  • Automatic recording of wideband & narrowband signals
  • Records only the signals of interest that meet trigger conditions
  • 14GHz / 26.5GHz frequency range & 200MHz/765MHz IBW
  • 1024 individual configurable digital downconverters (DDC)
  • High-resolution frequency mask trigger (FMT)
Multichannel Receivers from Novator Solutions AB

Novator Solutions provides from small footprint to high-end networked multichannel receivers. Single system configurations range from one 50 MHz receiver over four independent 80MHz receivers sharing up to 512 individually configurable DDCs to two 200MHz receivers with 2048 DDCs (also known as digital drop receivers DDR). The Server/Client architecture is optimized for real-time performance which continuously streams individual narrowband channels in parallel to multiple remote computers & servers. The combination of a large amount of DDCs, analog demodulation, and remote operation makes it ideal for listening to hundreds of narrowband communication signals at a low cost/signal ratio.

  • Multichannel receivers with 50MHz, 80MHz, or 200MHz IBW
  • Up to 1024 digital downconverters (DDC) per receiver
  • AM, FM, SSB & CW demodulation
  • Configurable DDC parameters: Center frequency, sample rate, Gain, filter coefficients & IQ data stream or demodulation
  • Independent or networked operation