Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The AWG also known as DAC cards cover medium and high sampling rates ranging from 1 MS/s up to 2GS/s with a bandwidth in excess of 1.8 GHz. The sophisticated synchronization technology allows to set-up systems with single channels as well as systems with hundreds of channels.
Up to 1.25GSPS DAC from Spectrum GmbH

The Arbitrary Waveform Generators of Spectrum Instrumentation offer high channel densities, outnumbering standard signal generators by far, for a very good cost per channel. Spectrum Instrumentations AWGs are available with output rates ranging from 40 MS/s up to 1.25 GS/s with a bandwidth in excess of 500 MHz. The large on-board memory allows to replay long signal waveforms. Again, the internal synchronization technology allows to set-up systems with high number of synchronous channels. The LXI AWG products of Spectrum Instrumentation can run with up to 12 channels running with 1.25 GS/s output rate and 24 channels 625MS/s output rate. New M2p 657x Series AWG can give output range of +/-12V with 4 channel per card in PCIe form factor with 125MS/s sampling out rate on each channel.
AWG Mix mode with Digital I/O

Spectrum Instrumentation has released an optional module for its latest range of 16-bit digitizers and AWGs that adds 16 synchronous digital lines to the analogue data. The additional digital lines extend the four multi-purpose XIO lines that are already standard on these digitizer and AWG cards. This makes in total 20 fully programmable XIO lines that can run as synchronous digital inputs for a digitizer, synchronous digital outputs for an AWG, or asynchronous I/O lines, status lines, or even additional trigger inputs. M2p.6568-x4 AWG-card provides 8 analogue AWG channels and up to 20 synchronous digital outputs or marker outputs.
Up to 2GSPS DAC from Teledyne SPD

Dual inputs, dual outputs

800 MSPS input rate, 1.6 GSPS output rate

550 MHz input bandwidth, up to 800 MHz output bandwidth

AC-coupled (DC-coupling optional for output)

Dual outputs

2 GSPS sample rate

Up to 1.8 GHz output bandwidth

DC-coupled, single-ended and differential