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Custom Solution/Consultancy:

We can build customized solutions either on a turnkey basis or provide partial solutions while helping the customer choose the right hardware from different OEMs around the globe.

We provide technical consultancy / solution, be it a sensor, signal conditioner or Data Acquisition System.

We can also integrate the hardware and software to provide a single productive system for your needs.

LASER Pulse characterization DAQ: For DRDO

We have provided customized software to control and capture of LASER pulses.

The output of the LASER diode detector was very small (in few mV) and pulse width of 2 to 5 nanoseconds which were captured using high-speed digitizer from Keysight and customized GUI developed on the LabVIEW platform. The SW enabled the customer to capture the fast LASER pulses with a timestamp and save the same for further analysis.

The software is able to:

  1. Program the Digitizer card.
  2. Capture Single shot or Multirecord mode and Record time in multi-pulse record mode.
  3. Status window providing information on Digitizer status/mode of operation.
  4. Save calculated values automatically.
  5. Option to read and display stored files.
  6. Visualize the RAW waveform in realtime
  7. Display Peak amplitude in Voltage, Repetition rate (Frequency), Pulse width (FWHM-Full Width at Half maximum) and many more calculations available for the user to choose.
  8. A special feature to plot the chart of above-calculated values for both the digitizer channels (1 – Current pumping to LASER, 2- LASER detector).
  9. Calculation of statistics (max, min, standard deviation) for above-calculated values on each channel.
  10. Display data in tabular form for visualization and update of data in realtime during record.