Motion Control

DDC served as the world leader in the design and manufacture of Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital & Digital -to-synchro/Resolver components. DDC offers smallest and most accurate data converters. DDC introduces a redesigned version of its popular Synchro/Resolver two-speed combiner, now featuring 3.3V I/O within a compact and highly efficient FBGA (Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array) package. The SD-15901 FBGA design provides space and power savings with a 34% smaller footprint and 35% less power dissipation than the previous generation, enabling SWaP optimization of PCB layout and ease of assembly with ball grid array

Resolver to Digital

1-Arc/Minute, 2 -Arc/Minute, 8-Arc/Minute with bit resolution of 10,12,14,16-bit.
Synchro to Digital

1 -Arc/Minute with 14-bit & 16-bit resolution.
Reference oscillators

Programable Freq 400Hz to 20KHz.
Motor Controllers

DDC is the leading manufacturer of high reliability motor drives and controllers for brushed, brushless and induction motors ranging from 100Vdc to 600Vdc