Prognostics & Health Management Solutions

Our innovative ePHM(Prognostics & Health Management)with real time sensors address critical fault areas such as -
Digital Boards, Power supplies, Inter connectors, Software faults, Chip level failures, Intermittancies
We have solutions for verticals such as aerospace, automotive, industrial and medical.
We rely upon evidence of degradation through its background in physics-of-failure technologies. By extracting a distinct signature that precedes a failure, a meaningful and accurate indication of impending failure can be determined. Other issues of prognostics involve on-board vs. off-board implementations, and linkages with Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) to optimize the placement of spare parts in key areas to support deployed equipment.

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Sentinel Network is a web application that combines network monitoring and prognostic health management (PHM)...


Detectors, or sensors, monitor the systems and help isolate failure precursors that indicate when the high-failure...


Advanced Rotational Vibration SensorRidgetop Group’s RotoSense advanced rotational vibration sensor (RVS)...


Sentinel Silicon is a suite of patented and silicon-proven prognostic IP blocks that measure degradation in a device...


Sentinel Interconnect deals with tracking solder joint and cable cracks/fractures.The methodology is to *...


The Sentinel Actuator product is used to detect anomalies in the operation of electromechanical actuators...

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Sentinel Network is a web application that combines network monitoring and prognostic health management (PHM) technologies. The main feature of Sentinel Network is its ability to predict the remaining useful life of network assets such as power supply devices (UPS) and battery backups. This reduces network downtime by permitting condition-based maintenance of these critical assets prior to catastrophic failure.

Sentinel IT Ridgetop Group

CPT1000™ Avionics Troubleshooting Tool
The CPT1000 is a reliable, high performance power system tester. The integrity of main terminals, cables, and power supplies is crucial in power systems. This tool effectively tests and finds faults in power supplies and cabling.

Sentinel Power Ridgetop Group

Advanced Rotational Vibration Sensor
Ridgetop Group’s RotoSense advanced rotational vibration sensor (RVS) enables easy extraction of high-resolution acoustic signatures from rotating components in harsh environments.

Sentinel Motion Ridgetop Group
Sentinel Silicon

Sentinel Silicon library includes precision measurement structures for:
TDDB - Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown
HCI - Hot Carrier Damage
NBTI - Negative Bias Temperature Instability
Radiation Damage - RadCell Fox (Field Oxide) and RadCell VT (Threshold Voltage)

Sentinel IP Solutions Ridgetop Group

Intermittent and catastrophic faults in electronic control systems can now be prevented with Ridgetop Group’s SJ BIST™. The SJ BIST (Solder Joint Built-In Self-Test) technology accurately detects and reports instances of high resistance, including intermittent opens, in field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)-to-board interface.

Sentinel Interconnect Ridgetop Group
Sentinel Actuator

The Sentinel Actuator product is used to detect anomalies in the operation of electromechanical actuators (EMAs). The detected anomalies can stem from electrical drive stages or mechanical faults in gearboxes. After detection, state-of-health (SoH) and remaining useful life (RUL) are calculated using advanced algorithms and presented on the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Sentinel Actuator Ridgetop Group
SMRT Probe

Ridgetop’s SMRT Probe (Sample Mode Response Technique™ Probe) is a resonant voltage-sampling sensor, shown below, that is attached to a module or assembly to extract degradation signatures. SMRT Probe monitors power systems by injecting a voltage stimulus to measure effective resistance and capacitance, enabling prognostic and degradation analysis. 

Sentinel Power Ridgetop Group

TSV BIST, entails a combination of innovative techniques for improved verification of the quality and reliability of 2.5/3D IC packaging and for prognostics so that related interconnect operational faults can be determined before actual failure occurs.
This technology is the first to address the difficult issue of 2.5/3D IC package interconnect integrity after assembly is done and when the related devices are deployed in larger systems. The innovation will improve reliability of TSV-based packaging and provide prognostics so that interconnect-related operational faults can be determined before actual system failure occurs.

Sentinel Interconnect Ridgetop Group