Data Analysis & Presentation

Data Analysis & Presentation is powerful, intuitive software application for analyzing and presenting your data and excels particularly well at analyzing dynamic processes.
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FlexPro 10

FlexPro 10 – the next generation: Maintain total control of your data. Not only will you be able to organize, analyze and present your data by just clicking a button; FlexPro 10 will scan your entire data and perform quick data queries using data attributes such as a unit, test object or test number.

Data Analysis & Presentation Weisang
FlexPro OEM

Ideal for measurement system manufacturers: FlexPro OEM is a powerful platform for integrated data analysis and reporting. Typical applications include data acquisition, data integration, data analysis at test benches and in industrial facilities

Enjoy full access to all FlexPro features through the integrated automation interface and give your developers the tools to seamlessly integrate the software into your systems.

Minimize your programming costs by creating analysis applications as templates with FlexPro’s dynamic object structure. You have the option of choosing whether you want to provide your users with the FlexPro interface or whether you want to have FlexPro run in the background as the “engine” to your program

Data Analysis & Presentation Weisang
History Base

Seamlessly monitor all relevant process parameters

Collect all of your data in a powerful, centralized database for quick and easy visualization, analysis and archival.

Combine continuously captured numeric process quantities with meta data, such as batches and material flow, and assign the acquired information directly to your products and production facilities

Data Analysis & Presentation Weisang