Defence & Aerospace


All products and solutions designed, developed, tested and manufactured are as per MIL standards


The most challenging area of catering to Military and Aerospace domain is the complexity of the Electronic Systems requirements of the customers and meeting the stringent Military and Aerospace standards of these systems. We have gained a great deal of quality experience and knowledge of the standards to be followed and the system complexity to be expected in the Military and Aerospace domain by catering to these industries for over 10 years


Simplify your measurements with the 4000 X-Series, the only capacitive touch-screen oscilloscope

The award-winning InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series displays the most waveform detail with update rates 20x faster than the competition.

HandyScope HS5

The Handyscope HS5 range is extended with a new model, the Handyscope HS5-540.
The Handyscope HS5-540 has a Trueform CDS generator capable of generating high fidelity signals up to 40 MHz